Audi’s authorized Aluminum Collision Repair Network consists of highly specialized collision repair facilities located throughout the United States. Our Audi Certified Aluminum Repair Facility is equipped with all of the Audi factory-recommended tools and equipment needed to perform structural or cosmetic collision repairs.

Our technicians have undergone certification for aluminum welding and intensive technical training to ensure the highest level of competence. With this combination of factory tools, equipment and trained technicians, Audi strongly recommends that you bring your damaged Audi to our repair shop to help ensure the highest level of collision repair expertise.

Separate from our main shop, we have a repair room dedicated to aluminum repairs. For aluminum collision repair, the necessity for a self-contained work environment is especially important. Aluminum welding requires its own environment, as airborne steel dust particles can corrupt aluminum welding integrity. Aluminum surfaces can deteriorate through contact corrosion from such materials as steel, chrome, zinc or lead. Specialized tools, equipment, training and techniques unique to the tensile properties of aluminum are required.

Should your vehicle need repair, make sure you entrust it to a facility that meets the Audi standard of workmanship. Pray Body Shop technicians have undergone extensive training and use Audi Genuine Parts, offering both the utmost quality and the backing of a factory warranty.